“Sara is my first yoga instructor who doesn’t come to my house on a DVD. I never feel behind or confused. Even though she’s obviously very knowledgeable, Sara pushes me and challenges me to improve without ever making me feel stupid.” — Judson

“I am a man who spent the first 27 years of my life unable to touch my toes.  Sara helped me accomplish this goal in under a year meeting less than once a week.  Sara has an incredible ability to balance an individual’s limits and abilities, draw a comfortable line, and (literally) stretch it.  A session with Sara would leave me in a state of exhaustion, relaxation, accomplishment, and self-awareness that could only be managed by a true master of her craft.  On a final note, Sara is wonderful.  If you are familiar with wonderful people and you were to meet Sara you would undoubtedly realize that yoga with Sara must be wonderful and you would be right.  Sara’s friendly and giving spirit pervades all that she does, especially Yoga.” — Bobby

“I have had the good fortune of benefiting from Sara’s extensive knowledge on numerous occasions — first as a spirited, generous yoga teacher and later as a talented massage therapist. Sara approaches bodywork with compassion and intuition. Her understanding of anatomy and physiology is truly impressive. Perhaps more importantly, Sara creates a comfortable atmosphere for bodywork where communication is welcome, but barely seems necessary.” — Molly

“I studied privately with Sara for a year in New York City before she moved to Philadelphia. She approaches teaching yoga in a spirit of generosity and inspired me to develop a discipline in my home practice in a way that was both joyful and challenging. Sara is extremely knowledgeable and non-judgemental and has a way of explaining movements and poses that promoted inquiry into my capabilities.  Her insights allowed me to grow and explore many aspects of yoga practice. She included inspirational readings to help set an intention at every session and provided a foundation for what followed.  Sara integrated the physical, intellectual and spiritual aspects of yoga in an inclusive and supportive manner. I learned a great deal from Sara and it was truly a gift to work with her.” — Evelyn

“At the end of class, Sara often asks participants to thank themselves for taking the time to engage in this yoga class; you will thank yourself. You will find in this class a balance of physical challenge, emotional comfort, and spiritual direction that will resonate in positive ways throughout the week.” — Rachel


welcoming, inclusive, joyful, relaxing atmosphere, intense sessions, knowledgeable teacher, non-intimidating, inspiring, rejuvenating, safe, appropriately challenging, comfortable, open, generous

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